Rest and Relaxation at Brocks RFC! 

There is nothing better than working hard to achieve your goals and targets. Last night we spent the evening working particularly hard on some constraints based games. Two touch down was a great one to develop exceptional communication (not unacceptable) and more importantly using our clickers we set goals for some of the players as we went along. Adding the ticking LED clock to the side of the field has made a huge difference too!!

So that was it, session over debrief was had and it was some time for R&R.

Now rest and relaxation doesn't need to be a spa! We have taken the whole team swimming before, played rugby golf and rugby tennis. But the boys favourite by far is Swissball Volleyball! 

As you can see the head bands are on and it all gets a little competitive, losing team had a forfeit. I will keep that between me and the players.

Please watch, share and leave a comment! What do you do for your players as R&R? In my opinion. It's just as important!