Autistic students cant play team games

Autistic Pupil Can’t Play Team Games!

I hear this a lot, "I have two autistic children in my class and they really do not like PE, a lot of the time its a challenge to get them to join in and they do not seem to enjoy the lessons". I always challenge this. I have witness the power of a high quality PE curriculum with children with autism and its so important! 

PE is in itself can be a sensory overloading activity, big sports halls, lots of noise, smells and not much structure, add into that the social side of PE and Team Sports and its not surprising that so many children and young people with autism state that their PE experience was negative.

With some small changes to your practice you can make a huge difference!

PE is extremely important for children with autism, but rather than make them fit your plan, you have to fit the plan to them.

You have to take into account sensory differences and this is so important - not just the 5 senses, but  7 senses! Watch this recording if your not sure about the seven senses

The biggest message you will get from me every person with autism is different, ask the pupil with autism their opinion about PE, get to really know your pupil with autism - its the best advice I ever got when teaching PE.

For more in depth information, sign up for the ebook - its my experience of teaching PE to pupils with autism. You could apply most of these principles to your coaching sessions too.

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