Spot the Difference? #physicaleducation

Spot the Difference? #physicaleducation Vs #physicalactivity - do they have to be separate? or is the #CARDS approach developing both? #physicallyenabled

A question close to my heart, whats the difference between Physical Education and Physical Activity? I believe that unfortunately these two have become very mixed up.  
The problem is if we do not teach a high quality Physical Education, then how can we expect them to grow into adults that love Physical Activity? In my opinion this is why the CARDS approach to coaching is so important! Its experiential so allows us to develop into being Physically Educated and Physically Active, in fact I am going to start penning the term #physicallyenabled

So what is the difference? Well this info graphic gives us some pointers:

No one doubts the benefits of a physically active child, that is experiencing a high quality Physical Education. But there has to be a clear difference. Lets get the children #physicallyenabled

Just a quick one today! 

The Rugby Coaches Blog Team