Teaching Forwards with Dobble

How to teach front rows good body positioning with the help of Dobble!!!

So here are some taster videos!

We have been using the Silverback Harnesses now for a few weeks, the players love them and there is a lot to be gained from using them.

Firstly, the scrum body position, Tower of Power etc - they are developed by Graham Smith and you
can purchase them here:


And here are our most recent videos of working with the Forwards! Enjoy!

RCB Family👍🏻👍🏻

Teaching Front Row Forwards with Dobble:

Using the Silver Back Harness

Engaged Scrum position - using Tower Of Power:

And finally....teaching the Fromt Row:
1 Binding
2 Positioning
3 Good Comms

By using games (in a safe way) and totally easy to use!